Photo Gallery

May 2017: James and the Giant Peach, Jr.

January 2017: Treasure Island

November 2016: Seussical

May 2016: CTA’s Traveling Acting Group (TAG)

April 2016: Sleeping Beauty

March 2016: Passport to Comedy Fundraiser

January 2016: Disney’s Mary Poppins

October 2015: Haphazardly Ever After

April 2015: Bugsy Malone, Jr.

January 2015: The Wizard of Oz

May 2014: CTA Murder Mystery Gala

April 2014: Pippi Longstocking

January 2014: Shrek the Musical

Spring 2014: CTA Second Stage

April 2013: Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Jr.

January 2013: Legally Blonde The Musical

October 2012: Get Smart

May 2012: CTA Cinco de Mayo Gala

April 2012: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr. 

January 2012: Grease: The School Version

October 2011: The Witches: A Tribute to Roald Dahl

January 2011: Once Upon a Mattress

March 2010: Willy Wonka, Jr.

January 2009: Peter Pan

January 2008: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

January 2007: Bye Bye Birdie