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A tongue-in-cheek mobster musical comedy!

WHEN: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.; Saturday, December 6     //     12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.; Sunday, December 7

AGES: 8 to 14

REHEARSALS BEGIN: February 5,. 2015

PERFORMANCE DATES: April 17 – 26, 2015

REQUIREMENTS: 16 to 32 bars of a musical theatre number in the style of the show (sheet music or digital recording accepted). Cold readings from the script. Be prepared to dance. Dress appropriately with closed toe shoes.



Bugsy MaloneBugsy is the hero of our story. Cast a handsome young man who can sing and act well. Bugsy alternates as the narrator and the star of the show. A young performer at home in front of an audience who radiates a sense of charm and sincerity as well as a street-wise sensibility will take your show a long way towards success.
Blousey Brown
Blousey is at first the typical wide-eyed, young would-be star, just off the bus from the middle of the country somewhere! But, we find out that Blousey is a force to be reckoned with and certainly nobody’s fool. This is a large role that requires good singing and acting, but the key to casting Blousey is finding a young actor who is at home with comedy.
Fat Sam
Fat Sam should be an adept physical comedian with a commanding stage presence. Sam sings, so make sure you’ve got an actor who can carry a tune; but moreover, finding an experienced actor with good projection and diction skills is important. Sam carries much of the dialogue of the show. One note: Fat Sam does not need to be fat.
Fat Sam’s Gang
Fat Sam’s Gang includes Roxy Robinson, Snake Eyes, Ritzy, Shake Down Louis, and Sam’s right hand man Knuckles. You may add as many ensemble members to the gang as your stage can accommodate. These fellows are bumbling, funny, non-threatening hoodlums. They should be able to sing with gusto (if not on key) and be willing to work on the rigors of physical comedy. Many productions have successfully cast girls in these roles.
Dandy Dan
Dandy Dan is the unflappably stylish, debonair underworld businessman who outwits Fat Sam every step of the way. Your Dan should be at home singing his song, “That’s Why They Call Him Dandy.” Find an actor with just the right sense of style and grace.
Dandy Dan’s Gang
Dandy’s gang members are really BAD GUYS. They sing a little, but they splurge a lot! Look for suave-looking types who will look good in slicked-back hair and double-breasted suits. Many productions have successfully cast girls in these roles. Dan’s Gang includes: Bronx Charlie, Benny Lee, Yonkers Charlie, and Doodle. You may add as many ensemble members to the gang as your stage can safely accommodate.
Tallulah is the classic gangster’s moll. Cast a young woman who is at home with herself and can deliver the role with deadpan sincerity and droll appeal. Tallulah is a Mae West type. She needs to be a strong singer for her self-titled number.
Casting Fizzy is casting an actor who can really deliver the song, “Tomorrow.” It is a difficult song that requires emotional singing and a significant range. Hopefully, you’ll find a singer who can deliver Fizzy’s sad-eyed hopes and dreams as he sweeps up forevermore.Razamataz

Smooth, jazzy piano player who is the only one on stage who keeps his cool.  He has a small solo in the show finale.

Lena Marelli
Lena is the STAR of the LENA MARELLI SHOW! And she lets everyone know it. Casting this role requires finding a young performer who can TAKE OVER THE STAGE in a short but very effective number, “Show Business.” An affected character voice (refer to Guide Vocals portion of the CD included in your Showkit) is practically a requirement to deliver this role. Lena is not very bright, but she is very LOUD. Think Lena Lamont from SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN.
Grand Slam Girls
Loretta, Dottie, Bangles, Tillie, and Velma are the Grand Slam Girls who perform at the speakeasy. These girls should be very at home singing and dancing and should work well as ensemble singers. They are basically Tallulah’s gang! Bangles has the most dialogue of these girls, so you might want to put you best actor of the bunch in that role.
Oscar De Velt
Oscar De Velt is a “great theatre director”. A strong, confident actor will fill the bill here.
Marbini and the Ventriloquist
Marbini and the Ventriloquist are two wonderfully funny smaller roles in the auditioning scene with Oscar De Velt. Both of them are convinced that they are world famous and should be able to really sell these roles for all they are worth. The Opera Singer and the other bits in this scene are all great cameos.
The Down and Outs
The Down and Outs are representative of out of work Depression era men and women of the soup kitchens. They are ready for a cause and helping Bugsy bring peace between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan is just what the doctor ordered. If you have a smaller cast, you can use the Splurged from early scenes (Fat Sam’s Gang!).
Ensemble Stand-Outs
The Radio Announcer, Paper Boy (Girl), Waitress, Louella, the Butler, the Line of Auditionees at the Bijoux, Pop Becker, the Reporters, Soup Kitchen Lady, a Priest, the Barber and Flash Frankie are all good comic roles for young performers.  These folks are also chorus/ensemble singers so must have strong vocal ability and range. These are comedic roles that tend to steal the show and make for an even, well-rounded evening at the theatre.

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