Photo Gallery: Once Upon a Mattress

Dates: January 2011

Director/Choreographer: Jason Kimmell

Music Director: Wes Livingston

The story of Prince Dauntless, who needs to find a bride before anyone else in the kingdom can wed, is amusing as Dauntless’ mother Queen Aggravain keeps all candidates at a distance by inventing a series of seemingly impassable roadblocks. Princess Winifred arrives in time to give hope to the pregnant Lady Larken, who is more than ready to wed Sir Harry. Will Winifred pass the test to prove her royal gentility so that all eager couples can finally marry?


Cast: The role of Prince Dauntless is performed by homeschooled 10th grader Isaac Simonaire, Sir Harry is Severna Park sophomore Austin Heemstra, the Queen is Broadneck High senior Hayley White, Princess Winnifred is Seton High School junior Allie Bannigan, the King is Atholton High School junior Sam Kobren and Lady Larken is Spalding High freshman Cassidy Hamilton.  The show is narrated by the Minstrel, Severna Park High School senior Justin Binnix.